Maintenance, Pre-Listing Recommendations, Selling Your Home

Opening the Door to Preserving & Improving the Value of Your Home

After years of walking my sellers and buyers through the inspection process and personally remodeling & building, I’ve compiled this reference that I hope you find helpful.



  • Professionally clean chimneys, check mortar conditions & chimney caps (chimney fires can be devastating)
  • Inspect roof for missing/damaged shingles & areas that need to be sealed (e.g., around skylights & vent pipes)
  • Clean gutters seasonally
  • Walk exterior of home checking for missing mortar, cracking, soil erosion, pest entry, rotted wood, excess water, window/door damage
  • Keep trees & shrubs trimmed away from home & roof line (if you have a tree that is architecturally enhancing your home but extremely close, a root barrier may be installed to prevent roots from penetrating plumbing, etc.)
  • Keep trees thinned to prevent loss during ice storms
  • Keep landscape soil line 4-6 in. from foundation line to prevent undetected pest & termite intrusion
  • Check sprinkler system & rain freeze gauge annually to make sure there are no leaks or water hitting the home (Summer hours: early morning // Winter hours: warmest time of the day; rain/freeze gauge may prevent the sprinkler from operating during continuous cold weather)
  • Winterize outdoor faucets
  • Keep outdoor wood surfaces painted to prevent wood rot
  • Check garage doors to make sure they are in working order & in compliance with safety code
  • Check fencing & gates for repairs
  • Pool should be professionally maintained year-round



  • Pier & beam construction – inspect crawl space for pest entry, excess water, soil erosion & necessary foundation repairs
  • Check attic space for pest intrusion, proper insulation, proper ventilation (improper ventilation causes premature roof damage)
  • Smoke/Fire detectors should be in or outside of each bedroom; one window should properly open in each bedroom for fire safety
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors (buy at hardware store & plug in)
  • Security systems should be properly maintained & monitored
  • Maintain plumbing & inspect annually: water heater, slow draining areas, leaks, connections under sinks, toilet parts, water hose from washer to wall, proper grout/caulk in showers & tubs prevent leaking, rotted wood & shower pan replacement
  • Service AC & Heat semi-annually with frequent filter changes. Drain lines should be properly cleared to prevent leaks
  • Ice makers should be serviced to prevent costly leaks
  • Elevators/Mechanicals require annual (or in some cases semi-annual) servicing
  • Clear dryer vents to prevent fire
  • Maintain flooring to preserve quality
  • If doors do not shut properly, it is usually an indication of movement – check drainage & foundation
  • For maximum energy efficiency install: LED lighting, proper attic ventilation & insulation, programmable thermostat, and tankless water heaters. Keep vents dust & mold free
  • Consider a master surge protector for the entire house


Before Listing Your Home

Before listing your home, accomplish the previously listed tasks & consider these additions:

  • Declutter, stage, freshen, tighten hardware, clean windows, paint if needed, & add color to landscape.
  • Make sure all lighting is functional


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