Happy Halloween! 🎃

It’s great to be working with the ABA family of creative & energetic agents. Happy Halloween to all! 🎃

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A Special New Property in Highland Park

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D Magazine’s Real Estate Panel

It was great to attend the D Magazine Real Estate Panel. Always excited to learn how to better serve my clients!

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Kappa Tablescapes benefitting many great causes


2019 Dallas PaperCity Design Awards

It was so incredibly amazing to watch so many talented Dallas designers at the 2019 Dallas PaperCity Design Awards!


Happy Fall!

Selling Your Home

Look what you get when you list w Jean Bateman!


Gotta know your Texas History, to sell it!

About Jean

What’s New with Jean?

About Jean

Upcoming Event – Night at the Museum at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

On November 9, gears will turn on every level at the Perot Museum’s highly-anticipated event, Night at the Museum. This exclusive evening affair will open the door to exploration through interactive science demonstrations and hands-on experiences with state-of-the-art technology.

And to keep the party going, there will be captivating live entertainment, enticing libations, and a lavish progressive dinner.

Learn more here.


Celebrate in High Gear!

Join Allie Beth Allman at the Park Place Luxury and Super Car Showcase!

Use promo code “ABAURB19” for discounted tickets.


Don’t Miss These Great New Properties

About Jean

Great celebrating 20 Years with Paper City!

About Jean

Labor Day Weekend 2019

Kicking off Labor Day Weekend with my Man at Mariam’s Cocina Latina across from Klyde Warren! Blessings to all!


What To Look Forward To This Spring

Events sponsored by Park Cities Historic & Preservation Society:

Distinguished Speaker Luncheon with Candace Evans
Wednesday, April 10, 2019 — Brook Hollow Country Club
Click here to purchase tickets

Historic Home Tour
Saturday, April 13, 2019
Learn more here

Classic & Antique Car Show
Saturday, April 27, 2019 — Burleson Park
Click here to register

Special Features

An Entertaining Necessity

I hope your 2019 has kicked off in a really great way.

I wanted to tell you today about a little product I think every home should have. If you love to entertain and serve red wine, you’re going to want to order have some Wine Away on hand. It’s amazing how those spills are so hard to get out, but this product is like magic.

So order some Wine Away now. It’s very reasonably priced – just around $6. And all you have to do is spray directly on the spill — it works like magic!


Tax Updates

Don’t Forget to Apply for Your Homestead Exemption

It’s time for all new homeowners to fill out and file their homestead exemption forms.

Visit to download your forms.



Jean’s Christmas Time Saver

The tree is decorated, the presents are wrapped, and we’re getting close to that time of year where we want to celebrate what’s most important.

About two years ago, my niece-in-law gave me a great gift. In the past, I did my place cards by hand which can get very time consuming. That time could be better spent with my grandchildren and family!

Not only can you order them online but you can print over 20 name cards within a matter of a few minutes. They’re beautiful and look like they’ve been done by hand. And because I’m such a big recycler, I’ve got them all ready again for this year. You can just keep adding to them for the next year. The best part is you can do it all online:

Gartner Studios – Ivory Pearl Border Printable Place Cards

Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy every minute you have with your family and friends.



Jean’s Winter Home Maintenance Tip #2

Happy Holidays to everyone! I’m out in Walker and my courtyard — it’s so fun to make our courtyard look really festive this time of year.

One of my favorite landscape friends, Gary, told me something really important that I want to share with you. During the winter months, it’s important to reset your sprinkler systems. We generally have our sprinklers go off in the early mornings during the summer months. Gary explained during the winter months, it’s better to re-set the time to late morning or early afternoon. During that time, the weather is warmer allowing your sprinkler to come on.

It’s important we continue to water our yards and our foundations during the winter months, so be sure and re-set your timer.



Jean’s Favorite Gifts

As we approach Christmas in the next coming weeks, I wanted to share some of my favorite gifts to give and to receive!


One of my favorite gifts I receive is an Amaryllis from my college roommate who sends me one every year! As I said in my video, they’re beautiful and last forever! This year, I took one to my Aunt Betty and Walker’s mom. You can get one from Jackson & Perkins here or if you’re lucky, you can find one at your local Trader Joe’s.


Another one of my favorite gifts are these Christmas Ornaments from MiniManyMemories. Every year, one of my best friends takes last year’s Christmas card photos and makes them into great ornaments for my tree. Email for your own little ornament!


I love recycling vintage items and passing down fond memories. This year I’m recycling my daughter’s Barbie car to her girls. I can’t wait to see Grace and Clara play with it.

I hope these you’ll enjoy these gifts as much as me!


Jean’s Winter Home Maintenance Tip #1

Because maintaining a home is very expensive, I like to try and spread out all the things we need to do to maintain our homes to keep them beautiful. Right before the holidays I like to have the windows cleaned. I just recently met Dale Harris from Plus One Window Cleaning (C:214‐986‐2334). He cleaned all the windows, overhead awnings and cleared the dryer vent.

Make sure the window cleaner clears out your dryer vent to avoid a potential fire hazard. Ask him to let you know if he sees areas that need attention or paint.

Happy holidays!


Homes I've Represented

4012 Shenandoah Street

Available for showings today!

Clients Tell Their Stories

Thank you from the Dulins!

Thank you for everything Mrs. B!! You worked so hard and your effort and guidance along the way was so valuable. We are grateful to you!

— Katie and Dustin Dulin

About Jean, Property / Business Events

Jean Bateman Real Estate Panel Discussion at the Network Bar

Jean is leading a comprehensive residential real estate panel:

Known for her creative approach for selling/buying your home (your most valuable asset), she will share her strategies and best practices and provide great takeaways. Dan Woldert & Sandra Hickey of Lawyer’s Title will walk you through the closing process. Bobby Sillers of Ascent Mortgage will discuss current mortgage trends and owning versus leasing.



KKG Tablescapes 2018

Always a beautiful event that supports so many great causes in Dallas!

About Jean

Don’t miss this hot read from the latest issue of B Magazine!

Clients Tell Their Stories

From the sellers & buyers of 3317 Princeton Ave

Jean, we would have never sold our home so quickly without your persistent guidance. Pricing, staging, marketing, negotiating… you are the ultimate professional!

— Jo Anne and Mike McCullough (Seller)

Thanks Jean, it has been a pleasure working with you too. You’re very good at what you do.

— Rick Jones (Buyer)

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Entertain Like Royals…


Backing the blue & gold for over 40 years!

Homes I've Represented, Seen on Social Media

New Listing Alert – 3706 Binkley Ave

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The Architecture of American Homes by Pop Chart Lab

Here’s a great infographic featuring many styles of American architecture. You can view a close up or order a poster from Pop Chart Lab.

Home in on the history of American housing architecture with this groundbreaking survey of US house styles! From 17th century Postmedieval English abodes to 19th century Tudors all the way through the “McMansions” of the 1990s, this detailed diagram of hand-illustrated domiciles brings together 121 American houses in all, sorted into seven major categories and 40 subdivisions. Perfect for the walls of your own cherished nest, this history of habitation morphology reminds us that there’s truly no place like home.

About Jean

D Best 2018 – Awarded Top Real Estate Residential Producers for Another Year!

Thanks to all my wonderful clients since 2014! ❤️

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SOLD! Congratulations on your new home ❤️?

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C’est impeccable

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

This year I’m taking it easy on the margaritas and maracas but knock yourself out! Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Don’t forget to call my mom for all your real estate needs!

Selling Your Home

The Key to Selling Your Home

Download a digital copy here.

The home selling process is as unique as the people and properties involved, but here is a simplified glimpse at the typical experience from signing on with Jean to moving day.

Signing a listing agreement with Jean means she is committed to selling your home and being by your side through the entire process.

Pre-Listing Walkthrough

  • Arrange a time where you and I can walk the interior and exterior of your home. It is important that I understand what the home means to you and start learning the details.
  • This is an excellent time to create a to-do list for preparing your home for the photo shoot and get it show-ready. We have a saying in residential real estate, “Living is far different than showing.” Refer to my Maintenance & Pre-Listing Recommendations on
  • Items that are attached to the house and you don’t want to leave (e.g., chandeliers, etc.), now is the time to take them down. You can exclude it on the listing, but many times those are the very items that a buyer may want.


  • We will coordinate all the documentation that is necessary for listing your home, from the listing agreement to executing a contract; however, it is the responsibility of the seller to complete the Seller’s Disclosure (full disclosure is highly recommended, including all reports pertaining to the home).
  • Providing a survey usually means that you will not be asked to pay for a new one.

Home Preparation

  • Refer to my Maintenance & Pre-Listing Recommendations on
  • Have your mechanicals serviced; roof (and under home if it’s pier & beam) inspected; paint touched-up; chimneys cleaned, etc. I can help you find the right service people to prep your home for the photo shoot and tours.
  • Decluttering, organizing, staging, landscaping is imperative to reach our goal of high quality photographs that will drive buyers to your home. 85% of people start their search online, so photographs are important.
  • I will schedule IPlan to create a floor plan of your home; people enjoy having a floor plan to imagine themselves in the property and it is a wonderful online marketing tool.


I will have a photographer shoot professional exterior and interior photos of the property and will try to be on site with the photographer. These photos will be used on social media as well as print materials.

Kick-off Preparation

  • We will agree upon the best day (either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday) to introduce your property to the market.
  • I will schedule a Monday Tour for all Allie Beth agents, then a Tuesday or Wednesday Tour (depending on your location) for all MLS agents in the area.
  • I will send out an e-blast with creative copy and photography announcing your property to a very large number of area agents.
  • I will promote your property on all of my social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blog, etc.
  • Allie Beth’s marketing departments will post it on social media around the world.

Your Property Hits the Market

  • Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday Tour. Usually 2 hours.
  • “For Sale” sign is posted in the front yard.
  • Possible kick-off event.
  • I will schedule showings, set up Sunday open houses, group tours and Allie Beth tours.

Receiving the Offer

We will work side by side to determine and negotiate the best terms for you. Executing a contract that will flow all the way to the closing table is our goal. As soon as we have an executed contract, the buyer’s agent should deliver an Option check to us and an Earnest check to the title company. The title company sends all parties a fully receipted/executed copy of the contract.


  • I will encourage the buyers to schedule their inspection as soon as we have an executed contract.
  • General inspection is usually a 4-6 hour process. Additional inspections may be required.

Negotiating the Amendment for Repairs

  • This process can be one of the more challenging parts of selling your home.
  • Repairs can be made by the seller, buyer, or an amount reimbursed to the buyer, or a combination of these.
  • If the seller makes some of the repairs, you will be asked to provide receipts for the repairs on or before closing.


The buyers’ lender will send an appraiser to the property. I will provide a copy of the sales contract (for verification of the sales price) and provide comps to facilitate in the appraisal process. Assuming the appraisal is above or in line with the purchase price, the mortgage loan process will continue to move forward.

Schedule Transfer of Utilities and Move

Arrange for utilities to be terminated under your name — most buyers’ goal is to transfer the utility service to their name before termination. Arrange your move date to coordinate with the contract agreement. Leave the property in condition as agreed upon in contract.

Buyers’ Walkthrough

Current custom is that the buyer walks through the property the day of or before closing to verify the property is in agreed upon condition.


  • Jean will arrange the closing time at your convenience. Please bring your driver’s license. All keys/garage openers, etc. should be turned over to the title company at closing.
  • Keys will not be given to the buyer until the property is funded.
  • Notify your Escrow Officer if you will not be in town on the closing date. If you will not be present to sign documents at closing and are planning to use a Power of Attorney, have them approved by the title company prior to closing. The title company must contact you on the day of closing to make sure you are alive and well and have not revoked the POA. The title company requires the original document for recording

Dallas County Appraisal District

Check 3-6 months after closing to make sure the name on records has been appropriately changed.
Download a digital copy here.